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Training in the latest advances and methods is a great investment in enabling your team to take full advantage of genome-wide methods. We can train and/or supervise your junior staff members in weekly teleconferences as they are learning to analyze your data. In a broader scale, we can design lecture series and hands-on workshops to introduce the key aspects of bioinformatics to your whole staff. Finally, we provide detailed tutorials with our data analysis projects that you can follow to re-produce the results and learn how to complete your next project yourself.

Bioinformatics skills have become essential in biological research – let us help you getting up to speed with tools of the trade!

Kaisa-Leena Aho
Kaisa-Leena Aho Project Manager Genevia Technologies Oy
  • Bioinformatics training
    • Trained bioinformaticians are hard to come by. One good option is to hire a rough diamond and train that person into a bioinformatics professional. We offer our help in supervising the work of your bioinformatician with weekly meetings and suggestions for analyses that the person can run independently. This way you can increase the know-how of your institution or company and get projects done efficiently at the same time.

      Key benefits:

      • Save time on project supervision
      • Get projects done with students
      • Develop your internal know-how
  • Workshops
    • Workshops can be a great way to educate your staff on relevant issues on genomics and bioinformatics. The workshops are fully tailored to your needs, but commonly include a short lecture series on topics, such as "Variant calling" or "How to analyze RNA-sequencing data to get differential expressions and pathway activities". Let us know what are the key subjects in your line of work and we can propose how to educate your personnel with a workshop.

      Key benefits:

      • Educate your staff easily
      • Get fresh ideas for your projects
      • Learn solutions to your common issues
  • Tutorials
    • To make sure that your IP on bioinformatics grows with every project, we can draft the project report of any data analysis project into a detailed tutorial enabling you to perform the analyses yourself. The tutorial includes all the needed software and instructions how to run them. You will learn how different parameters affect your results, you can re-run the analysis using different parameters, and even run the next project with the instructions on your own.

      Key benefits:

      • Learn to analyze your data
      • Experiment with different parameters
      • Generate new results easily

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