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Taking advice from field experts is never a bad idea, and in fact, we believe it can save you a lot of time and money. Here we explain what your options are when acquiring bioinformatics consulting services from Genevia Technologies. To start with, we can help you to determine how to overall benefit from bioinformatics in your projects. In the next steps, we can design statistically sound genome-wide experiments for you, perform cost analysis of experiments to make sure you get cost-effective data, and write bioinformatics sections in research grants and papers. If your needs are not easily specified, we can also provide you with a dedicated bioinformatician for a certain amount of time. In the following, we explain each option in a little more detail.

My bioinformatics team can help you with any issues related to modern genomics projects.

Matti Nykter
Matti Nykter CSO, co-founder Genevia Technologies Oy

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Experimental design

Make it right and it’s the best place to save your money

Coming up with an experimental design for large-scale measurements is something that requires quite a bit of expertise. Simultaneously, it is highly important to be done properly, as suboptimal experimental design can compromise your entire study. As a final deliverable from an experimental design project, our bioinformatics consultants will provide you with a suggestion as the optimal experiment and sequencing strategy that you can use to acquire a sequencing data. We can offer you bioinformatics consulting experts that can help you select proper control samples, time points, and numbers of replicates for your study. In the next step, we can present different options for sequencing: available sequencing platforms, target selection methods (e.g. whole exome sequencing vs. targeted sequencing), sequencing kits from different manufacturers, and optimal sample quantities for each kit. Last, our bioinformatics consultants can decide critical sequencing parameters, such as sequencing depth.

As our client, your key benefits are, that you

  • will get more reliable results,
  • will avoid common experimental pitfalls, and
  • will save money by avoiding excessive experiments.

Cost analysis

Our consultants can guide you where to buy

  • To ensure you get cost-effective measurements, cost analysis projects can be combined with experimental design projects. Once the sequencing strategy has been formed, it is time to decide where to sequence the samples. Different providers offer different technologies, expertise, turn-around times, and sometimes most importantly, prices. When doing cost analyses, we will search from our global network of measurement providers the ones that can provide the sequencing that matches the experimental design and weigh in on the desired combination of expertise, speed, and price. In the end, we provide you with our suggestion for the provider with a quote for the sequencing project.

    As our client, your key benefits are that you

  • will save money on large experiments,
  • will save time due to shorter turnaround times, and
  • will get good quality data.

Scientific writing

Need for a bioinformatics plan in your grant application or for help in writing a manuscript?

Writing publications, study reports, and grant applications is an essential part of any scientific research. Our bioinformatics consultants have extensive history in academic research and writing. Our bioinformatics consulting can include writing results in a journal publication with illustrative figures, or writing a grant application with a bioinformatics component. As a result from these types of projects, you will actually have part of your publication or grant application ready-made.

As our client, you

  • will save time in the writing process,
  • get the bioinformatics details correct at once, and
  • will have the bioinformatics expertise it takes to acquire funding or a high-impact publication.

Bioinformatics support

Sometimes it is difficult to specify a bioinformatics project in advance. As a targeted solution, we can also offer our team of bioinformatics professionals at your disposal for a fixed amount of hours per month. For those hours, we can specify different tasks that can include general consulting, reviewing plans, data or manuscripts, or small data analysis tasks. At the end of the project, you will have all those minor issues addressed and questions answered, and should be able to start or continue a well-defined project with us or on your own.

As our client, your key benefits are, that you

  • will have a bioinformatics team at hand,
  • will get quick answers to all your questions, and
  • will begin or advance your project efficiently.

Dedicated bioinformatician to support your own team

Some projects may also benefit from having additional bioinformatics personnel to support your existing team. For this reason, we also offer one or more of our bioinformaticians to become an integral member of your project for a limited time. This option saves you recruitment costs and we guarantee that our chosen bioinformatician is a well-trained professional suitable for the job right from the first day. A dedicated bioinformatician may be acquired for part-time or full-time work for the period of time you choose.

As our client, your key benefits are, that you

  • will save money and time from recruiting,
  • will have no need to specify the project in advance, and
  • will have flexible solutions for changing situations.

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