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At Genevia Technologies, we help our clients in projects involving biological data, from planning to publication or a custom-made data analysis pipeline by offering large variety of different bioinformatics services. As a contract research organization, we provide industry and academia with bioinformatics analyses as a service. We have experience with just about all the data types generated in biological and clinical laboratories, with core competence in the analysis of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

Providing the best bioinformatics service is not a one-man job: it requires team effort of experienced professionals of different backgrounds. Our bioinformaticians, data scientists, biologists and professional project managers work together to identify your needs, find a solution and deliver results, probably a lot faster than you are used to.

We let you use your time on the research activities you like. There is no need for you to understand the computatinal methodology on a deep level — that is our job. However, we do not believe in black-box analysis when we are offering bioinformatics sercvices for you: along with the results, we deliver clear and open methods descriptions directly applicable in an academic publication or report. Furthermore, we are happy to explain the tools and methods used on any level of detail, and even train your team to let you run your analysis in-house.

We have four types of bioinformatics services:

Why bioinformatics as a service?

Genevia’s story starts from when our founders, still working in academia, realized the magnitude of the unmet need for service-based expert data analysis for both academic researchers and industrial R&D teams. Hiring a bioinformatician seldom solved the problem, bringing all the risks of recruitment yet lacking the benefits of a full computational team. There were, and still is, plenty of bioinformatics software available for researchers to license and use, but that is not what most researchers need. Having an actual bioinformatician who understands your problem and flexibly customizes the analyses to your exact needs just cannot be automatized. That's why Genevia is offering bioinformatics services to its clients.

Furthermore, bioinformatics as a service is not only about having access to a diverse, experienced team. Efficient analysis requires also top-tier computational and software resources, coupled with streamlined project management and quality assurance procedures to ensure timely delivery of results you can trust in. Lastly, no analysis makes sense without clear communication before, during and after the project. This has been perhaps the biggest challenge in collaborative research involving both wet-lab and dry-lab professionals. We realized the communication works best in a sercive-based model where the bioinformatician has actual experience of working in seamless collaboration with biologists and speaks their language.

We designed our bioinformatics service with these realizations in mind, and so far dozens of universities and companies in Europe and North America have been happy with the results, believeing this model sets the standard for other service providers and university core bioinformatics facilities.

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This is how Genevia’s bioinformatics service works:

1. A Bioinformatics service project starts with a discussion with you to identify the optimal points for collaboration. Then, we present you a project plan with a schedule and estimated costs. Agreeing on the main goals and time-wise resources allows us to keep the project flexible: after presenting and discussing the first results, we can prioritize the end deliverables together.

2. We plan the NGS measurements for you. If you have not yet generated the data, we help you in planning and acquiring the next-generation sequencing experiments to make sure you get data of the right kind and right quality for the analyses. If you already have the data, this phase can be skipped.

3. The computational analysis starts with making sure the data quality is sufficient for the analyses. Then, we customize our analysis pipelines for your data. During the project, we keep you up-to-date on its progress, and can deliver any preliminary results that you wish. We are happy to discuss the results and plan the final deliverables together with you at any time.4. We present the results to you after the analysis, discussing them and agreeing on possible further analyses and modifications to ensure you get what you really need. Then, we deliver a project report including the figures, tables, descriptions and brief conclusions from the bioinformatician's perspective. The idea is that you get publication-ready results without having to reanalyze or reformat anything yourself.

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