Our story & management

Genevia Technologies was founded to support the growing life science research community with an easy access to modern high-throughput measurements and latest bioinformatics tools.

In 2011, few years after the breakthrough of next-generation sequencing, Professor Matti Nykter realized that his research in computational biology and bioinformatics could benefit a much larger community than his current collaborators. However, the resources in the research group were limited. A natural conclusion was to establish a bioinformatics and genomics contract research organization that would provide NGS and data analysis services to researchers across the life science field.

Today, Genevia Technologies employs a close team of Finland based bioinformatics professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our approach is to integrate the whole team as a part of each client's research which we believe delivers the greatest impact with the least amount of expenses. We share Professor Nykter's vision that practically any life science R&D project can greatly benefit from implementation of correct high-throughput measurements and their efficient analysis. Currently, we work with pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, medical technology, and industrial biotechnology as well as purely academic research.

It's my personal mission to enable all life science researchers take full advantage of their complex data.

Matti Nykter
Matti Nykter CSO, co-founder Genevia Technologies Oy

Matti Nykter

Professor Matti Nykter is the Chief Scientific Officer of Genevia Technologies, and he leads the Laboratory of Computational Biology at the Institute of Biomedical Technology in University of Tampere, Finland. He is a computer science professional turned early to bioinformatics allured by the possibilities to apply machine learning and signal processing approaches to biology. Together with Antti Ylipää, he founded Genevia Technologies in 2011 to disseminate all the wonderful bioinformatics know-how generated in his research group and all over academia. Matti oversees all the projects for our clients and makes sure the methods are up to date and the scientific quality is always top-notch.

Antti ylipää

Antti started the company with Professor Matti Nykter in 2011 while working towards his doctoral degree in computational cancer genomics and systems biology. Being a bioinformatics professional, he had been seeing more and more biologists with data analysis issues, and was wondering whether academic collaboration was the optimal way to help the researchers in distress. Today his passion is to expedite all biological research globally by means of introducing high-throughput experiments and cutting-edge bioinformatics to academia and industry. Antti spends most of his days finding new ways to help our customers out in the field and managing projects back in the office.

Klaus Breitholtz

Our business specialist Klaus is the part of management with all the financial know-how in the company. He was head-hunted to Genevia Technologies early on to bring the essential economical thinking that enables the rest of us to serve our clients. Klaus has a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management which he admirably combines with industrious attitude and social aptitude for creating additional value to the clients in ways scientists never could. He arranges meetings and sells projects with one hand, and manages finances and does all the office odd jobs with the other.