Frequently asked questions

We constantly meet people from both academia and industry, and we think we have a pretty good idea of what kind of questions puzzle our current and future customers.

By sharing our responses to the most frequent inquiries, we might help you find answers to questions you never even knew you had! So, please take a look!

If you do not find the answer to your question, drop us a message and we will come back to you!

  • Expertise
    • Question: "My team is studying X, and we might be interested in analyses A, B and C, but will you understand the key issues in my field, and do you have prior experience with the required analyses?"

      Our science team is led by a professor of bioinformatics, and our employees have widely varying research backgrounds from before joining us. In addition, the years of working with academic and industrial projects within the company have acquainted us with all kinds of research questions, experimental settings and measurements as well as data types and methods, of course! Although we don't know for sure in advance, it is quite likely that we have already been working on a project highly comparable to yours.

      Question: "I could not match a project type with my needs, or I didn't see the analysis I want in your lists. Does that mean you don’t do that?"

      Our flexible service model enables us to do almost anything, and the project types just define the most typical collaboration options. As far as the analysis lists go, there are so many possibilities nowadays that it's just impossible to list all the analyses that we can do. The easiest way to find out is asking!

      Question: "Can I be sure that you provide results that are up to my standards?"

      We always conduct a full quality control screening of your samples so that we can give you a heads-up if we suspect that there might be something amiss with your experiments or data. The analyses themselves are conducted with top-of-the-line methods, and you can even request us to use a particular method if you want. Our science background guarantees that we understand what it takes to conduct top-quality research. You shouldn't worry, you won’t be rejected by Nature because of us, if you aim at a publication. Also, we provide fully formatted figures and detailed descriptions of the methods for you to add directly to your manuscript. If you wish to modify any figure or text, just let us know and we'll change them to your liking.

  • Value of our service
    • Question: "I will have lots of bioinformatics-related issues in the future, why would it make sense for me to solve them by acquiring services?"

      You'd think hiring is a self-evident answer, and it might be, however, there are few points you should consider. 1) With us you only pay when you need a bioinformatician instead of paying for recruitment, salary, holidays, overhead, office space, computational infrastructure and software licences every day, to name but a few expenses. 2) If you ever happen to need additional bioinformaticians temporarily, it is easy for us to arrange that, or if you only need one for 2 days every second week, that too can be done with our dedicated bioinformatician project. Changing the hours is also extremely flexible. 3) In fact, you can easily acquire the experience of a full bioinformatics team with multiple complementary skills through us. 4) Because of this, you don't have to deal with bioinformatics project management or expert supervision in case you are hiring a novice. 5) And finally, hired personnel do sometimes leave for other opportunities, we think your acquired know-how is actually better safe with us than in the head of one employee.

      Question: "Fine, you do the analysis, but will I learn anything in the process?"

      Yes, as much as you want. We offer data analysis tutorials with projects providing you with a step-by-step instructions of how to repeat everything we did from installing software and ending with producing the final figures. You can then start experimenting with parameters to learn how they affect the results, for example. Furthermore, we will give you any support you might need while attempting to replicate the results on your own.

  • Starting the project
    • Question: ”I might be interested in something you do, how do we start probing collaboration possibilities?

      It's all quite simple actually, just let us know by sending us a message using the contact form. Then, we'll schedule a meeting, telecon, or a phone call to discuss your project and needs. After the discussion, we will prepare you a quote with a suggested project plan, deliverables, schedule and a price tag. If these do not match your expectations, we can always refine the plan such that it meets your expectations fully. Then all you have to do is decide if you are interested in acquiring our services.

      Question: "Would you be interested in joining my research grant application?"

      Bioinformatics is a very rapidly evolving and research driven field, and to keep up with all those technological advances, we participate in select high-quality research projects with academic and industry partners. We do expect scientific excellence from the applying organizations and the research plan itself as well as a significant and novel bioinformatics component. If you have an idea, and you'd like to include us, please let us know and we may be able to help you in drafting the application as well.

  • About the project
    • Question: "I am afraid I can't ask all the questions before we start the project, what if I wish to modify the project specifications we agreed upon?"

      We know that in a science project new ideas emerge continuously, and you don't have to specify every little detail with us. We encourage you to contact your project leader whenever you have an idea or question and he/she maybe able to help you very easily. At the very least, we will be able to suggest an extension for the project if accommodating your wishes require more time-consuming investigation.

      Question: "How much does all this cost and how long does it take to complete my project?"

      As you might have guessed, it depends on your project. First of all, we provide you with a fixed price which is final. You will never get an unexpected invoice from us. Due to our existing infrastructure, trained personnel and analysis tools our pricing is comparable to hiring a professional for few months.

  • After the project
    • Question: "What, concretely, do I get after the project?"

      The short answer is: anything you want. The default option in a research project is a detailed project report consisting of workflow description, methods descriptions, tabular results from statistical tests, and the main results with our conclusions. We can also prepare figures, and text for a publication if you need them. If you are interested in a bit of data handling yourself, we can deliver all the data files, analysis scripts and a tutorial with them. In a software project the deliverable is naturally the software with user manual. Just tell us what you want and we'll produce just that!

      Question: "What happens after we conclude a project, will you leave me in trouble with a report that I don’t understand and all my questions unanswered?"

      We present you all our findings before we compose the final report to make sure you understand everything we did and what the results mean, and to ensure that you got everything you needed. Our intention is to build long-lasting collaborations so that you are never again left without the bioinformatics support you need. Therefore, we offer our expertise as a consulting after the project so that we can continue working on your project even without a project plan should you have any additional questions or needs for small analyses.

      Question: "Will I own everything that comes out of my project?

      Your IP is where it belongs: you. We withhold no rights to data or results, and naturally never reveal them to a third party.